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4th Grade

The fourth-grade year is marked by growing independence and rising expectations in responsibility.


They are Buddies to the first-grade classes and begin to use planners to begin self-mapping their time and school work. Fourth graders take leadership roles in the building and are in the beginning stages of preparing themselves for the move to middle school.


Fourth grade is a time of transition in the classroom. The students will be working toward independence in classroom expectations, classwork, and homework. The independent steps will be supported by the teacher and will meet each student at his/her readiness level. Academics reflect this step. Skills that have been acquired in the lower grades will be the tools used in fourth grade. For example, reading is the skill that has been taught, now reading is the tool for acquiring necessary knowledge in content areas.


4th-grade students are taught and encouraged to manage their time and materials throughout the year. Students undergo regular desk evaluations to make sure that their materials and resources are organized. They also begin to use planners for the first time. This allows students to take control of their study habits by recording homework assignments, upcoming tests and important dates all in one place. These management strategies set the 4th-grade students on the right path for succeeding in middle school and beyond.

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