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Diversity & Inclusion

Our committment:

St. Anthony’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion starts with the understanding that Catholic Social Teachings are the fabric of the Gospel. Catholic Social Teaching is not an add on to the Gospel but a living manifesto of our salvation in Christ Jesus. Just as Jesus, we want each of our students to have the skills, confidence, and fortitude to speak up against the injustices that plague our brothers and sisters all over the world. Every person was created in the image of God and regardless of their race, language, or culture, is in fact endowed with and deserving of respect and love. When our students leave our campus, and move on to the next steps in their academic journey, we want them to leave with the understanding that we are all bound together by humanity, equal dignity, our common call to friendship with God, and by our call to help those in need.

We believe that participation from all members of our community is vital in this work, therefore Catholic Social Teachings are intertwined with all that we do here at St. Anthony Catholic School. Students are called to love, learn, and serve others through our student learning expectations. Using the three building blocks of Catholic Social Teaching (human dignity, solidarity, and subsidiary) and our Student Learning Expectations, our mission as educators is to help students build a relationship with the world around them. To give them the skills and tools to see justice as love and charity, which is at the heart of the Catholic Church


As a faith centered learning community, we understand that diversity, equity, and inclusion are a part of our long term journey. We are dedicated to setting sustainable goals and supporting each other in the process. At the start of this school year, our St. Anthony staff met to set goals for the new school year. These goals are for every member of our learning community: educators and students. With our vision statement in mind, here are our goals for the 2020-2021 school year:​

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