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Our History

Although the school officially opened its doors for the first time in 1922, the school was started within the church facilities ten years earlier. In 1930, the school was destroyed by a fire that took most of the belongings inside of it. The school was rebuilt the next year, and since then it has become a local landmark and an integral part of the history of the City of Tigard.

Some of the school’s alumni include notable figures such as Tigard Mayors Ken Shekla and John L. Cook, and former NBA star Mike Newlin of the Houston Rockets team in the 1970’s. Our alumni history is deep and rich, with active members dating back to graduating classes in the 1940’s.

Over the past 30 years, the campus has seen a lot of change but remains rich in history. Nuns were the primary teachers of students until the 1980’s. The current staff is a team of some of the area’s most talented educators in the area dedicated to providing a quality Catholic education. The campus has also grown with recent additions of a new gymnasium, middle school facility and community center. The preschool and elementary school buildings are the oldest on campus dating back to 1930.

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