3rd Grade

In third grade, students are encouraged to learn to the best of their abilities while being taught through the standards of the Archdiocese of Portland


This is a transition year in which students are guided toward more independence, and where they take ownership of their learning. In all disciplines, students will be competent and independent readers, listeners and viewers, fluent and effective writers, speakers and illustrators.

Third grade at St. Anthony is an exciting place to learn. When you walk in the door of one of our classrooms, you will see a variety of differentiated teaching methods that are geared to the individual learner. At any time there may be small groups working together, hands-on activities, whole group instruction using the Smart Board, or children working independently on the computers. It is a time for students to begin to assume responsibility for their education and become learners for life.

The third-grade team encourages behaviors that support learning. These behaviors are organized around descriptions of cooperative workers, quality workers and self-directed learners. Families can play an important role in helping teach and reinforce these behaviors at home: Be respectful of all, respect all property, allow others to speak, be heard and to learn.

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