At St. Anthony, we want to develop each student’s God-given ability to perceive creativity in others and express their own creativity. From Pre-School to Middle School, our curriculum is designed to achieve the following objectives:

Students should be able to: 

  • Understand the significance of visual art in relation to historical, social, political, spiritual, environmental, technological, and economic issues. 

  • Recognize significant works of Western and non-Western art and understands the chronological development of art movements. 

  • Describe, analyze, and interpret works of art and artifacts. 

  • Identify and apply criteria to make informed judgments about art.

  • Reflect on and discuss art theories and aesthetic issues concerning the meaning and significance of art. 

  • Theorize about art and make informed judgments. 

  • Observe, select, and utilize a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas in their work. 

  • Understand and apply elements and principles of design effectively in their work. 

  • Develop and apply skills using a variety of two dimensional and three-dimensional media, tools, and processes to create works that communicate personal meaning. 

  • Reflect on, revise, and refine work using problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 

  • Recognize a variety of art-related professions and careers in our society. 

  • Understand the connections between many art forms including dance, theater, music, visual arts, and media arts. 

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