New School Campaign

A Project That Matters

The FIRST of a Three-Phase Plan

The project has three phases that will provide new and upgraded learning spaces for students in all grades and benefit our greater community with extra spaces to gather and meet. We will focus on the first phase of building a new Pre-K - 5th grade elementary facility until it is completed.

St. Anthony is a diverse community that promotes the dignity and respect of all people in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Our school prepares students to be faith-filled individuals, responsible citizens and lifelong learners. Our teachers provide an environment of support and personal connection where students are uniquely valued and known by name. Our parish supports a flourishing group to become dynamic disciples of Jesus. 

This new school facility will benefit everyone in our community by providing better technology and learning spaces for students that also double as meeting space for parish ministry groups. Some of our current groups that will directly benefit from the new school include Spanish, Vietnamese and English Religious Education, ESOL classes for non-English speakers, discipleship, outreach and ministry groups across all of our cultural communities, service groups and charismatic groups.

Phase 1: New Pre-K - 5th Building

This is the biggest and first phase of the project. Building the new school will be our primary focus until it is completed. Our goal is to begin construction as soon as funding allows.

First Floor
Second Floor

Phase 2: Science Lab Upgrades

This will be a smaller renovation to the middle school building, adding 21st-century science labs and additional flexible classroom space.


Phase 3: Multipurpose Space

This final project brings the addition of more event space and a second commercial kitchen to the new school building. This will help to meet the needs of many groups who currently compete to host events in our current


New School Campaign Updates