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New School Campaign

Plans to break ground within the next 12 months.

Our team is making steady progress towards the goal of raising $12.4 million to fund the new school. We continue to connect with large-scale individual donors and in the process of securing grant funding that will make significant impact on the campaign. We have currently raised $8 million in committed funds from individual contributions, foundation and grant funding, a bank note and previously committed funds. 


Why this project? Why now? 

DISPERSED CAMPUS: Weather, transition time and access to common areas are all challenges of our current campus.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: A new facility will provide one point of entry for guests and enable better safety supervision.

COSTLY REPAIRS: Upgrades to the current building may no longer be cost effective in concert with other structural issues.

SYSTEM LIFE SPAN: Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems of the current building have reached their useful life.

OUTDOOR PLAY: Our current campus lacks soft play areas and is largely conducted on parking lot pavement.

Project Budget: $12.4 Million

Within this budget, we can build a Pre-K - 5th grade facility that consolidates our campus, improves student safety, equips our teachers with state-of-the-art learning spaces and technology, adds green play areas, improves operating efficiency, increases our capacity to host religious education and community groups in the evenings, and it allows us to expand school enrollment without compromising optimal teacher to student ratios.


We started this project with a 36-month/ 3 year timeline before the pandemic hit. COVID-19 gave us extra time to assess the project and refocus our efforts. We now have a revised schedule with a goal to complete fundraising and begin construction during the 2022-23 school year.

We continue to be in a major-gifts phase of the project, seeking 5-6 figure contributions from individual donors, grant funding from several foundations, and commercial sponsorship for materials and construction. As we get closer to reaching our goal, the campaign will broaden to more individuals and small groups. Eventually all members of the community including school alumni will be asked to donate as part of a public campaign to help us reach full funding for the project.  

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