New School Campaign


Why this project? Why now? 

DISPERSED CAMPUS: Weather, transition time and access to common areas are all challenges of our current campus.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: A new facility will provide one point of entry for guests and enable better safety supervision.

COSTLY REPAIRS: Upgrades to the current building may no longer be cost effective in concert with other structural issues.

SYSTEM LIFE SPAN: Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems of the current building have reached their useful life.

OUTDOOR PLAY: Our current campus lacks soft play areas and is largely conducted on parking lot pavement.

Progress Report 

This winter, our team picks up momentum interviewing donors, parishioners and parents about next steps in the campaign and adjustments we are making in response to COVID-19. After focusing on the immediate needs of students and educators during the pandemic, it’s time to turn our focus to the next stage of the campaign.


Our team is currently seeking large-scale gifts to help us qualify in applying for grant funding. Once these preliminary goals are reached, we
will begin a public phase of the campaign by inviting everyone to contribute and complete the fundraising process. Our team is currently engaging with key partners to achieve our fundraising goals and to finalize construction plans and timeline. 

As we navigate our plan over the next several months, please keep us in your prayers. We are confidently moving forward but
appreciate your support as we work to secure key partnerships that will make this project a success for St. Anthony students,
families, and staff.


New School Campaign : Latest Updates

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