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Faith Based Education

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Robanne Johnston

Enrollment Assistant

Welcome to St. Anthony

St. Anthony is a unique place where each student from Preschool - 8th Grade is known by name and by need, getting personalized instruction in a faith-based learning environment. 

Now More Than Ever 
Students are in need of a safe learning environment where God's love is at the center. St. Anthony's curriculum is rooted in the Catholic faith and teaches to the whole student. Our goal is to cultivate character development for each student to become loving and active members of their community with firm foundations of their identity in Christ. 


Small Class Sizes and Safety

On our campus, student health and safety is of primary concern. Small class sizes not only enable our staff to offer more personalized attention for your student,  they also allow us to configure safe learning spaces for social distancing while continuing to offer engaging learning experiences and enrichment programs.


Robust Curriculum

St. Anthony is blessed to have both a Principal and a Priest who are passionate about engaging students. As a result, our students receive a rich offering of faith formation instruction along with advanced learning opportunities in Math, Science, English, Music, Art, and Spanish. Students also participate in a wide variety sports, after school programs and other enrichment programs. 

A Servant's Heart

6th grader Sophia came up with an idea to organize a winter clothing drive. The staff embraced her idea and helped her to be the primary leader of the project, making flyers and doing morning announcements to rally student participation. Sophia connected with a local charity to make sure donated items went to people in need. Over 1000 items were donated, and the she is looking forward to doing it again this year. 


Something better, right in your back yard.

St. Anthony has been serving students in west Portland and Tigard, Oregon for nearly 100 years, producing graduates who have gone on to great accomplishments in school and career. Nearly 100% of graduates who apply to private high schools are accepted and thrive.



Character Education
At St. Anthony, we teach to the whole child. Our mission is to cultivate mindful citizens by modeling responsible behavior and encouraging positive relationships. Your child will be taught an appreciation for diversity among students and will be guided in the process of becoming a better citizen by loving others.

Innovative Teaching

Our teachers and support staff are passionate about what they do. They are forward-thinking and engage students daily to become life long learners. At St. Anthony, nothing slips through the cracks. Your child receives personalized teaching to grow and be challenged.

Academic Excellence

St. Anthony offers a rigorous and balanced learning curriculum that cultivates students of academic excellence. Your student will be well prepared for the next step, having skills to succeed socially and academically, being a step ahead of public school students when they reach high school. 


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