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The First Update & A Look Back

This is an exciting time for our community. The parish and school staff of St. Anthony are formally, and actively in the process of raising funds to build a new elementary school facility on our campus. Many of you may have heard about this in little bits over the past couple of years. This is the first of many bi-weekly updates where I hope to answer questions and keep you informed about the project.

Time Invested in Preparation

Most of the progress made up to this point has been in research and preparation, safeguarding our community and making sure it is the right time with reasonable budget and financial means to move forward. We have taken the time to plan a thoughtful fundraising campaign that both fits our our community and has a model for success to reach our goals in just a few years.

A Look Back: What We’ve Accomplished So Far

Beginning in 2017, the vision was cast for a new elementary school facility that serves students Preschool – 5th grade. A short video was composed to kick things off and capture the goals of the project. Shortly after, a Building Committee was established to work with GBD and Bassette Architects to complete focus group surveys within the parish and school community and generate a detailed list of building needs. We then hired GBD Architects to deliver designs for the proposed facilities, including floor plans, timelines and detailed materials needs for each phase of the project. More recently, we hired Contour Strategies Consultants to guide us through the fundraising process, and I was hired as Development Director to supervise the project. This new team completed a feasibility study to gain input from potential investors and community stakeholders and to identify key sources and timing of funding. As a result, we have been able to create a Case For Support presentation that captures very specific vision, mission and fundraising goals that will steer the project to completion.

Current Project Status

We are currently working with our consultants to secure strategic funding that will get our campaign started on the right foot. This includes securing major private and commercial funding commitments, the sale of unused land owned by our parish, and establishing a bank note. After that time we will begin to apply for grants and move on to the final phase of fundraising which includes a general campaign for the whole St. Anthony community.

Many Thanks!

Your questions and responses are always welcome. Please reach out any time.

Katie Marreel Development Director St. Anthony Catholic Church and School Ph: 503-639-4179 Email:

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