The Big Picture

Our community is at the beginning of an exciting new endeavor to build a new elementary school facility for Pre-K – 5th grade students. This week’s message will give you a look at the big picture of what we hope to achieve.

The full project consists of three phases, the first of which is the new Pre-K through 5th grade elementary facility. Our campaign will be solely focused on the first phase until it is completed.

PHASE 1: New Elementary Facility

The new elementary building will be a completely new two-story facility housing our Preschool through 5th grades that is connected to the middle school. It will have an ideal structural orientation to help produce energy in an efficient and sustainable way.The new facility and structure will also house a green athletic space, community garden and structured play area.

PHASE 2: Middle School Remodel

A complete renovation to the existing middle school building, with 21st technology and flexible classrooms, will allow maximum classroom space for learning and create a more collaborative atmosphere for teachers. Two new wet and dry labs will create hands on learning for students. Adding the new labs will increase the number of classrooms in the existing space from 6 to 8. Lockers will be placed in the hallway as opposed to the classrooms, where they currently are located.

PHASE 3: Multi Purpose Building

The new multi-purpose building will give the St. Anthony fine arts classrooms permanent space to expand upon extracurricular activities and afterschool programs. Music and Arts and Multipurpose space will open to an outdoor amphitheater and will be able to be

used for assemblies, ceremonies, and community functions even outside of school hours. This large versatile space promotes community, connection and collaboration.  Additionally, the space will provide a space for extended care, assemblies, and parish group gatherings.

Full Phase Diagram

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