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New School Project : Spring Update 2021

The past couple months have brought great progress and momentum to the New School Campaign. We are excited to share these accomplishments with you as we look forward to new phases of building planning and fundraising this summer. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support.

Blessings, Fr. John Henderson


We are over half way to reaching our fundraising goal.

Over $300,000 in New Commitments in March and April

This amount surpasses our Phase 1 funding goal, and we are now moving forward into Phase 2 with a goal to raise $448,000 by the end of September. Our fundraising process is on schedule.

The funds we have secured so far are coming from our own parish and school families. To date, three families have committed $100,000 and another family has donated $175,000. In combination with several other generous commitments, this show of support for the new school has generated great momentum for the campaign.

Schematic Design Update

Schematic designs for all three phases of the project are complete. The team considered scale, quality and eco-friendly design elements as they finalized plans and make adjustments in response to rising construction costs.

Parish Property Listed for Sale

We are listing a tract of parish-owned land for sale. It is slated for development of 2-3 residential lots and is located West of the Grant Street parking lot. Proceeds from the sale will go towards the New School Campaign.

Building Permit Update

We had a successful meeting for building permits with the City of Tigard on April 22. The process will be under review and is expected to be completed in June. We also have a meeting to secure permits with the Portland Archdiocese on June 16.

Soil samples were taken last month, and we have passed all requirements with the City of Tigard.

Murdock Charitable Trust Grant Application

We are in discussion with trust representatives and are feeling confident in submitting an application in the next several weeks.

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