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New School Project : Winter Update 2021

Giving update We are off to a strong start in 2021.Our project has enough funds committed that we are now able to enter an exciting new phase of applying for grant funding and working on schematic design for the new school building.

Interviews to Reconnect In January and February our campaign consultants met with several families from the parish and the school, asking for their perspective about our community after COVID-19. We gained some great insights and are feeling encouraged that everyone is very enthusiastic about the campaign.

Updated Campaign Materials In February, we updated presentation materials to reflect changes to the campaign based on feedback from the community and what we have learned through the COVID-19 pandemic. We also created an informative brochure to better explain the details of the project. Download the brochure here.

Campaign Website Update The website is greatly expanded to provide more detailed descriptions and updates about the campaign. It will be our central hub for public information about the project. Visit the website here.


1. Executive Leadership and Building Committee meetings

2. Applying for grant funding

3. Schematic design

4. Ongoing fundraising and commitment meetings

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