• Andy Nichols

COVID-19 Response & Online Learning Plan

Dear St. Anthony Families,St. Anthony Catholic School administration and St. Anthony Parish administration have decided to follow the leadership from area Catholic schools as well the the advice of federal, state and local health authorities. Although we have no known cases of the coronavirus in our school community, St. Anthony is enacting measures to increase social distancing and prioritize the health of our students, faculty, staff and community members, especially the most vulnerable.

Today between 8:00 am and 11:00 am you are able to come pick up your student's items in the classroom to get them ready for the following weeks. Students have already been prepped so they know what to do going into next week.

Our school has emergency days built into the annual calendar (often referred to as "snow days"). Traditionally, when we exceed these emergency days we add instructional days onto the end of the school year and extend into summer. Due to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, the Archdiocese has approved the use of Digital Learning Days to be implemented for middle and  elementary schools, which may avoid a need to extend the school year and help our students to maintain their skills during an extended break from school. On the digital learning days, middle school students should expect to receive daily lessons and assignments via Google Classroom. Students in K-5 will receive communication via email to parents and some students have already come home with printed work to be completed. As public health agencies explain, this preventative measure is intended to help slow the rate and speed of COVID-19, flattening the curve of the virus' impact on our community and health care systems. Please know that we share your concerns during a difficult time for our nation and our world. We also understand the impact arranging care for your children can have while needing to maintain your current responsibilities at home and work. It can be incredibly stressful. During this time off, the campus will be closed to all students, parents, faculty, and staff, and the facilities will undergo further cleaning and sanitizing. We sincerely thank you for your flexibility and support during this time. Highest Regards, Fr. John Henderson                                                   Andy Nichols Pastor                                                                        Principal

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